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Saturday, June 5, 2010

More and More Mats!!

I am having a ball creating these mats for Fat Cats! I made a couple more of the red and white ones and a couple of these ones. It is great that with todays technology I can just snap a picture of it and show it to the world in a matter of min. Also, I don't have to get into my car with expired tags to run over and show my Mom! I have to pass everything by her first!


  1. Hi, Shana!!! This is awesome!!!

    Thanks so much for visiting and following me. I'll have to give Patsy one great big ole sloppy kiss for directing you my way -- LOL!!!

    I hope you enjoy your visits to me and I look forward to see you often. I will also be dropping in on you as often as I can. Sometimes it takes me several days, but I work hard at following and being followed, and try to drop in at least a couple times a week.

    Please feel free to any of the projects I create that you like. I have several cut.files and hope to do svg's too in the near future, as well as some video tutorials.

    Now, when you visit make yourself at home, because I only have friends at my "house".

    I'll be seeing you!