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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Copic Certified!!

Ok, Ruthie and I drove three hours to Indianapolis to take the certification! She had only 3 hours of sleep the night before and I had only 2! The ride home was quite interesting. I think we were both sleep drunk!! We pulled over about three times on the way home. The first time was because my husband decided to tell me (after we already drove to Indianapolis) that he thinks my car is leaking oil. We pull over to check and the dipstick handle was broken off! It took us about 15 min. to pry the dipstick out only to find out that there was NO oil on it!! We also stopped to take pictures of this really cool candle store. We had so much fun that I am going to have to talk her into taking another day off of work so we can just drive around country roads to take pictures!!

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  1. It was a great day! I really did enjoy the trip and would gladly schedule another day off to travel around and take pics! I just hope we get a bit more sleep the next time. :o) Thanks again for the day and all the fun that came along with it. BIG HUGS! Ru